Disney - Not Just For Children


The magical world of Disney came to the Costa Blanca in Sounds Familiar's 2014 show "Disney - Not Just For Children".

With over seventy years' worth of films to choose there was something from everybody's childhood and proved that Disney is not just for children. Having presented the odd Disney number in many of their shows, people have been asking the group's Musical Director, Philip Ashley, to look at Disney for one of their main shows. So the group happily indulged their audience. During rehearsals Philip said that "It has been a challenge to find numbers that work well outside of a film, but we believe we have a selection of music guaranteed to entertain, and with a willing costume, scenery and prop department swinging into action the evening's show should present a spectacle for fans of Disney music and theatre-goers alike."

There were songs from Snow White, Bedknobs & Broomsticks, Beauty & The Beast, Hercules, Aristocats, Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid and many more. Everyone should find something that brings back happy memories, and have fun remembering what songs came from which films.