Celebration Of Christmas


During the Autumn of 2010 Sounds Familiar were deep in rehearsals for the December show "A Celebration of Christmas". The show, which was full of seasonal song, dance and laughter, was performed at the Rafol Theatre on Friday 10 December, and then again at the Perlamar Centre in Calpe on Thursday 23 December.

The show's producer, Philip Ashley, stressed that the show was NOT a carol concert, although there were a number of carols included for everyone in the audience to join in with if they wanted, including the hilarious site of each side of the audience getting up and sitting down as fast as they could while singing the Twelve Days Of Christmas. As for the rest of the show, there were carols, Christmas songs, tributes to the Christmas party and films, and other well-known songs to sit back and enjoy.

A portion of the ticket sales was given to charity at each performance. The money from Rafol was given to the Jalon & Orba Lions Club, and the money from Calpe went to the Friends Of The Children Of EMAÚS. In total the performances of A Celebration Of Christmas raised 840 euros.

The rehearsals for the show were featured in a documentary called "I Want To Be A Producer" and shown on local English language television.

Celebration of Christmas